Special Guest Bath Bomb review #10

This week my weekly bath review has been handed over to a beautiful volunteer as building work has made my bath out of action. I am also announcing that my bath bomb reviews will soon be on pause as I’m off to university and my house doesn’t have a bath but I will see how many I can do before I go! So without further delay, I will introduce you to the gorgeous Vicki, a pampering profession and makeup mermaid who is this week’s special guest!  Continue reading


T-shirt reviews: Punk Paws & Tricky Ink

I’m a sucker for quirky t-shirts, I like them to show what I am interested in just because I find it fun whether its films, comics, characters, bands or jokes. My go to outfit is usually a t-shirt and skinny jeans so I always enjoy finding new places to buy shirts from and so I’m reviewing my two new favourite places, Punk Paws and Tricky Ink for you guys to hopefully find your new favourites.  Continue reading

Bath Viking’s bath bomb review #8 

This week’s bath bomb review continues from last week where I reviewed Radioactive Unicorn‘s Over my Dead Body and have now tried the Gift of the Gods grenade costing £5.95. As mentioned in the last post, we purchased from Radioactive Unicorn upon recommendation however after the last bomb we found some issues and felt like this bomb would be the decider in what we thought about them.   Continue reading

Date Night #1: Walton on the Naze

We are starting a new segment for the blog called Date Night! Bath Viking and I have been together for over 5 years now and we like to plan all different kinds of Date nights on all different budgets. Last week I went to stay the weekend at his in the seaside village of Walton on Naze where we went for a dinner and a lunch at the local pub/restaurant The Bath House. Continue reading

Bath Viking’s bath bomb review #7

This weeks bath bomb isn’t from Lush, no we do love our Lush but a good friend of ours Lady Noctis the cosplayer and model recommended an awesome company called Radioactive Unicorn. We had to wait for them to go on sale at a certain time as I’m guessing they had needed a restock and we were warned that they would sell out quickly, Rachel ordered the two that she thought I would love the most and this is what I got: Continue reading

Daily Essentials

A few weeks ago I did a post about my weekend essentials for staying with the boyfriend, Bath Viking and have since been talking to other bloggers who asked what I do and use daily so I thought I would put a post together and show you what I do. I am a seamstress, blogger and a student so I am very busy but I like staying busy. My daily essentials show what I use for seamstress and blogging work as well as how I prepare myself.  Continue reading