MAC Girls – Prissy Princess Pallet review

Okay so I have finally managed to get my hands on the MAC Girls Prissy Princess pallet and when I say finally I really mean finally!  Continue reading


Magazing Pattern Review #2

I’m sorry it has taken a long time since my first but I have finally done my second magazine pattern review! I have a few lined up so they are not in any particular order as I am searching for the perfect fabrics. I will always in my reviews say which magazine it came in or links where you can get the pattern online. The second review is another McCalls, the M6886 from Love Sewing Magazine issue 44 Continue reading


Hey there guys! Mermaid Vicki, Lush expert and totally not a Viking, here again to do a bath bomb review. I kind of now have free reign over what I want to do for this segment, which is pretty cool right? And seeing as I work for Lush and have so many awesome things to say about their products, I thought I’d keep it more oriented on their stuff. But, without further ado, here’s this week’s product… Continue reading