T-shirt reviews: Punk Paws & Tricky Ink

I’m a sucker for quirky t-shirts, I like them to show what I am interested in just because I find it fun whether its films, comics, characters, bands or jokes. My go to outfit is usually a t-shirt and skinny jeans so I always enjoy finding new places to buy shirts from and so I’m reviewing my two new favourite places, Punk Paws and Tricky Ink for you guys to hopefully find your new favourites.  Continue reading

Date Night #1: Walton on the Naze

We are starting a new segment for the blog called Date Night! Bath Viking and I have been together for over 5 years now and we like to plan all different kinds of Date nights on all different budgets. Last week I went to stay the weekend at his in the seaside village of Walton on Naze where we went for a dinner and a lunch at the local pub/restaurant The Bath House. Continue reading

Daily Essentials

A few weeks ago I did a post about my weekend essentials for staying with the boyfriend, Bath Viking and have since been talking to other bloggers who asked what I do and use daily so I thought I would put a post together and show you what I do. I am a seamstress, blogger and a student so I am very busy but I like staying busy. My daily essentials show what I use for seamstress and blogging work as well as how I prepare myself.  Continue reading

OOTD: Interview with Doc Martens

This time last week I was lacing up my 1460 classic doc marten boots with my red laces in for my job interview with Doc Martens who will be opening a new store in the city I live in. As soon as I saw they were opening the store I was ecstatic, I live 30 minutes away from London by train and remember 5 years ago when I begged my dad to take me to Westfields Stratford to get me a pair of boots for Christmas. Daddy’s little princess wasn’t allowed “thug boots” until I had dragged him to the store and shown him for myself how practical and awesome they are. He has since got his own pair and I have gain several more too and now we don’t need to go to London to buy more. Continue reading

Fabric Review: Cotton Reel Studio

During my Top 10 Basic Sewing tips for beginners post from the other day, I was using my favourite dress pattern to make the garment which was the subject of the photos because in the words of supermodel of the world, Rupaul, “I’ll take one in every colour” and so I used fabric ordered from Cotton Reel Studio to create my next version of the dress.  Previous versions of the dress can be seen below and as you can see I like to make them different to each other even though it is the same pattern, differences include velvet, cotton, poly cotton, and pleather as well as the obvious colours. I have two pink dresses for example but they are different shades, textures and patterns. Continue reading

Top 10 Basic Sewing tips for beginners

As requested from my Instagram post the other day asking about what content you would like to see more of on the blog I have put together my top 10 basic sewing tips for beginners. These tips are purely my own with the help of team member @unithorne to make sure we give you what we think is best! I will be making a new garment while going through these tips and will show it at the end.  Continue reading

Liebster Awards 2017

We here at Seamingly Normal were tagged by Lauren of Heaps of Me and thrilled to be apart of this. This blogging award helps smaller and newer bloggers to be noticed within the community, so make sure you check out the other bloggers we have tagged. As we said in our post the other day, we have been a blog for just over a month and are still finding our feet and the community and so it’s great to be apart of this. Rachel, head of Seamingly Normal will be answering the questions! Continue reading

What I’ve learnt in my first month of blogging

On Saturday I was greeted to an email saying that my blog was a month old which got me thinking about what I had learnt in this short time already. These little tips could be useful for others who are starting out as well as myself to push myself further. Not that I blog to gain anything but I feel I will be making myself proud and more efficient by taking on what I have learnt. Continue reading