About the team

img_7261.jpgSeamingly seamstress: Rachel

Seamingly Normal is run by 22-year-old Rachel who has been behind a sewing machine from the age of 5. What started as dressing up dolls turned into making dresses from scratch for dolls and then dresses for herself. In her late teens, Rachel started cosplaying and making her own outfits and ones for her boyfriend who she cosplays with. Rachel started Seamingly Normal last year to create costumes and unique everyday outfits for anyone and everyone. Since starting the blog in June 2017, Rachel has shared sewing tip, pattern reviews and makeup reviews and has expanded the blog’s team.


Unithorne: Nikki 

Nikki is a 25-year-old tattoo apprentice, piercer and all round artist. First taught by her Nan to knit, crochet and sew when she was 3 years old she has continued to keep it up as a hobby making dresses for herself and others and knitted goods as presents.She has adopted another trait from her Nan which is a love for all things vintage which shows in the clothes she makes and wears.  Nikki thrives being given free reign so has never used a pattern for sewing, instead of draping all her projects directly onto the mannequin.  Nikki will be sharing sewing, crochet and knitting tips and her progress on all her projects.


Bath Viking: Dan


Dan aka the Bath Viking called that for his Viking hair and love of the Norse gods and traditions, will be doing weekly reviews of all sorts of bath bombs and how to add foam work to cosplays. Currently, a student at University studying prop making and special effects, Dan takes commissions as well as sharing tips on what can be useful when working to create props and armour. Dan has had nearly 5 years cosplay experience but bath bombs are a whole new adventure for him so visit weekly to read his humble opinions on the best and worst bath bombs.


The Scrubbing Sailor: Ant 


The face behind the beard of the Scrubbing Sailor is 26-year-old Anthony, an Engineer in the Royal Navy by day and a Princess by night. Brought up on Geek Culture and anime from the 90s, the influences are clear and the references are never too far away. An avid amateur Photographer and lover of all things shiny, he can always be found either editing photos, tinkering with batteries and LEDs or enjoying an evening being pampered with a nice peel off mask. Anthony will be sharing his photography adventures, discussing the pros and cons between peel off and scrubbing masks and the occasional tutorial on how not to solder.


Tequilakyle : Vicki 


Vicki is our in house Lush products expert! She has worked for Lush for several years and will be sharing favourite products and the best ways to use them with us. Knowing her stuff, she can tell you the ingredients, their effects and the reasons why we should be using Lush. Vicki, when not surrounded by Lush products, is also a talented cosplayer and knows how to put cosplays together and style them. We are thrilled to have Vicki on the team with us as she is a passionate and fun person to be around.