Date Night #1: Walton on the Naze

We are starting a new segment for the blog called Date Night! Bath Viking and I have been together for over 5 years now and we like to plan all different kinds of Date nights on all different budgets. Last week I went to stay the weekend at his in the seaside village of Walton on Naze where we went for a dinner and a lunch at the local pub/restaurant The Bath House.


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 17.44.13

Photo from Trip Advisor because I forgot, too busy with food!


Bath Viking knows the owner and so over the 3 days I was there we had a lunch and a dinner. Both meals were amazing and delicious as well as being affordable.  The first meal was dinner on Thursday night where we had steak burgers which I didn’t get to photograph because we were so hungry from both being at work all day that we ate them quickly. Service was really quick too, even when they were rather busy. But dinner for two consisted of  Steak burgers, extra onion rings, one coke and a beer which only cost around £21, which we thought was excellent and it was delicious! So good in fact we went back the next day for lunch. Walton on the Naze is a beautiful and quirky sea side village so it’s no surprise the pub had great connections for local and fresh fish and so lunch was fish Friday. Bath Viking had beer battered Cod and chips recommended by the lovely owner, David, while I had the scampi and chips with a cheeky breaded garlic mushroom starter on the side. I love mushrooms and will try them anywhere if they are on the menu and The Bath House have my favourites mushrooms to date. Their mayo dip is incredible too. 

The portion sizes were really good, you got a great size meal and didn’t have room for pudding but all the food tasted amazing. For our lunch meal, we paid about £26 which was for two main courses, both fresh fish, a breaded garlic mushroom starter and two cokes and we left feeling very happy. I would also like to say the staff were all great, really lovely, funny and very welcoming and the whole place had a friendly charm to it. I can’t wait to go back again!

We then took a walk along the beach to the pier but got a tad distracted by taking silly photos. Apparently when on a beach, me and the Viking can’t take cute photos together.

When we got to the Walton pier which is only a few minutes walk from the Bath House, we hit the Amusements just for a few silly games. We didn’t go to blow money but just played a few games and set a limit of how much we would spend. We said £5 and would see how many tickets we won after that, the prizes aren’t amazing as you expect but it was just fun to be a bit competitive with each other.

After spending our fiver we headed home and ate a bar of chocolate while watching Netflix. We found these dates to be really relaxed and fun as well as not being expensive, the cost between £25 – £30 each which is what I expect to go out somewhere and have good food at my own pace and have a casual evening.

We are now planning for what we do for Date Night #2, suggestions welcomed!


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