Bath Viking’s bath bomb review #7

This weeks bath bomb isn’t from Lush, no we do love our Lush but a good friend of ours Lady Noctis the cosplayer and model recommended an awesome company called Radioactive Unicorn. We had to wait for them to go on sale at a certain time as I’m guessing they had needed a restock and we were warned that they would sell out quickly, Rachel ordered the two that she thought I would love the most and this is what I got:


I will say however that Rache was a tad annoyed that the bombs look very different to their product photos as well as content on the company’s Instagram page.


Bath Grenade is not an understatement, they are on the large size and they are the most expensive of the bombs we have tested so far at £5.95 each before a postage fee is added. So on with the review, today we tried Over my dead body and here is what I thought.

Fizz: 8/10
Smell: 3/10
Colour: 9/10


  • The fizz was aggressive and quick which I really enjoyed no messing around
  • The Colour change was dramatic and almost instantaneous, in the gif above you can see the effect it has on the water and how quickly it happened, I loved it.
  • The water also feels very nice feels like there’s a good amount of oils in the bomb but not so much it feels greasy but that it feels good.
  • The colour of the water was so cool though and I felt like I was a corpse cleaning its self off after coming back to life, which was metal af. Just be careful of the colour rings around the bath once you are done!


  • The smell was basically none existent, the parcel smelt really good and in the bag but no smell in the bath which I felt was really disappointing.
  •  The Fizz and colour really carried this bomb in my opinion

Overall if the smell was stronger it would score higher but I’d still have it again anyway and it’s still a solid 6.5/10. I finally found a bomb that dissolved in a time I was happy with and knows that there are bombs that do what I like opposed to bombs from Lush that like to drag it out a bit longer not that I don’t love Lush bombs. I will be trying the other bomb, Gift of the Gods as well as wanting to try a few others from them.



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