Bath Bomb Review #6: Special Guest

This week Bath Viking has taken a break from bath bomb review while he waits for his latest delivery coming from different stores and so we called upon our special guest to review a special bomb. Meet Rachel the Seamingly Normal seamstress’s Brother, Matt. 

Matt has never had a bath bomb until now when he was treated to an Avobath bath bomb from lush (£3.50) by Rachel. The Avobath was chosen because Matt loves avocado as well as fresh fruit and so the Avobath seemed like something he needed to try. IMG_7866.jpg

*photos are lacking in this review.

This review may be different than normal because Matt has never had a bath bomb before and so has no other to compare his experience to, however, this is what he thought:

Fizz: 8/10

Colour: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Pros: Having never had a bath before I didn’t know what to expect and so I just run a bath and didn’t use any bubble bath because I didn’t know what the bath would do. I found the bomb very fizz and that it was quick to disappear however it did leave the water with a lovely Lime Green colour. The smell was also a strong Lime scent which stayed for the whole bath which added to the atmosphere which I liked.

Cons: My first con was that I didn’t feel there was a soap element to the bomb and so I was just laying in green warm water and needed to use shower gel. I have since found that different bombs do different things and have been told about the dragon’s egg bomb which has the shower gel confetti inside which I would probably enjoy trying. For the money that bath bombs cost I felt like I wanted more from it considering you still have to put on head and shoulders. But again I now realise that different bombs have different effects that the Avobath I had is for hydrating and moisturising.  My last con is that I couldn’t smell the Avocado in it which was the main reason Rach chose the bomb for me because I love avocados.

Overall I would give this bomb an 8 out of 10 because I really loved the smell and the colour. For the first bomb, I have ever tried I found it really enjoyable and think I will try others knowing that they all have different effects and ingredients.


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