Daily Essentials

A few weeks ago I did a post about my weekend essentials for staying with the boyfriend, Bath Viking and have since been talking to other bloggers who asked what I do and use daily so I thought I would put a post together and show you what I do. I am a seamstress, blogger and a student so I am very busy but I like staying busy. My daily essentials show what I use for seamstress and blogging work as well as how I prepare myself. 

The first thing I do when I get up is deciding what I am going to wear, this will either be something I have made myself, current favourites are “Bees”,  “Hungry” and “Pink Polly”, or Marks &Spenser’s jeans and a t-shirt, usually band or dog related.

I then do my makeup and I have to admit that it doesn’t change from day to day as I have a simple routine that I am committed to and I’m not the most talented with makeup so I stick to what I know. IMG_1444.jpg

  • Firstly I apply eyeshadow which will be one of 4 that I am loving from the Too Faced Sweet peach Pallet: Candied Peach is my favourite and the colour I use the most, followed by Nectar, Peaches N Cream and lastly I’ve just discovered that Puree is a really lovely subtle nude shade. I don’t use a primer unless I’m doing full face makeup and I also found that primer usually makes eyeshadow colours a bit bolder and I prefer this pallet as it is just by tapping it onto my eyelids so that the colours are subtle.
  • I will then get my MAC 210 eyeliner brush and my pot of eyeliner gel and create my rather large wings and bring the liner all the way across the lid to the inner corners of my eyes. I tend to be rather heavy with my eyeliner but that is just my preference.
  • I then finish my eyes with a coat of MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara on both my top and bottom lashes, When I got the mascara a lovely MUA called Charlie showed me the best way to apply it and that because I have big eyes I can do both top and bottom to brighten them. I have listened to his advice and love it gives!


It usually looks like this, here I am also wearing Velvet Teddy matte lipstick by MAC which is my go to if I want to wear a nude matte, for nude gloss I use Too Faced Sweet Peach gloss in the Peach Fuzz shade which is a lightest I thought and a light touch of colour to your lips while moisturising.

Once I have finished my face I spray my perfume, Creme D’Nude by MAC on my neck and wrists and will put my Apple Watch on my left wrist. I have had my watch for nearly 2 years and have loved it. I can take calls on it while I’m sewing so I don’t miss anything from work or clients as well as checking my activity for the day, I like to push myself to beat my calorie targets because I have jobs that aren’t the most active and always felt that I wanted the encouragement to get better myself.

I sometimes don’t brush my hair daily even though I should because it is really long and I hate tangles and when I do I use a rose gold DetanglerI also clip my hair up if I want it out the way when working.


Next, comes my working essentials, I like to think I’m organised and I like to have a routine or structure to work by and so I think my use of technology needs to help me with that. Day to day I’m working on a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro & Apple Pencil and my iPhone 6s which all connect to each other. I tend to use my iPhone for photos at the moment because as soon as I’ve taken it, it is on my MacBook ready for me to put into the blog while writing as well as on my iPad for editing.  Although I’m pushing myself to use my DSLR more, I have a Pentax K-R


I’m using several apps through out the day to do all my jobs and will be doing them on different devices per task. On my iPad Pro I do all my designs for clients as well as sending and sorting invoices, photo editing and doing my main research for fabric suppliers and my equipment. These are the apps I use and why:


Notability: Notability is a notes app which on iPad pro allows me to either type or use the apple pencil to hand write my note which I find quicker and easier, I use it to put the costs of each project together in their own note as well as I can add images to the notes so I can add references or other photos that I may want or need. This app is also available on MacBook and so I can open the notes which is amazing for keeping my projects and commissions organised on all devices no matter which one I’m using.


Photoshop Mix: this is what I use to edit my photos. I have the full Adobe suite on MacBook but I used that for my uni work of a Graphic designer, I like that I can edit on the go but also that the app makes it simple and not too confusing, I know editing can be daunting so Mix takes some of the pressure off.

*For Mix, Sketch and Spark post you need to pay for an Adobe subscription to use them



Sketch: I use Adobe sketch to draw up my commission plans for clients, if you come to me saying you have an idea, I respond with a few designs of what I’m capable of or what I’m going to offer. Being portable in the last year that I’ve had Seamingly Normal I have been able to even meet up with clients and draw in front of them. It’s a powerful tool.


Spark Post: This is what I use to create my post featured images, I can create a template size I want and play about to create the image I want. You can also use the app to create images for others



If I have a busy period where I have a lot of commissions, blog posts and maybe uni work then I may an app called bear which is a to do list app. It just means I can keep an eye on all that needs to be done and create a schedule for myself to make sure I’m doing the best and most I can.

On top of those I am using Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, Instagram, Bloglovin’, Reddit and the WordPress apps just doing day to day checks and posts.

And finally, I keep a lot of my daily components together in my Ted Baker Organiser which is easy to carry round. As I said I go to meet clients a lot so this makes it so easy to carry everything in one go and well as when I’m doing similar just when out and about.

  • iPad Pro and pencil fit into the tablet sleeve as well as my passport which is useful to have another form of ID, especially for job interviews. I have my portfolio on my iPad as well and so it really is a business tool.
  • The built in card holder means I can take my payment cards with me as well as a few business cards, I have been stopped a few times recently in shops while wearing my Bee dress and so little self-promotion isn’t a bad thing!
  • I always carry my Swarovski rose gold pen with me, you never know when you need a pen and so I’m always prepared. My brother bought me this pen for my 22nd birthday last year so it’s also a little sentimental which a lot of my accessories are.
  • earphones, both apple and rose gold skinny dip London ones, I hate being without earphones when I want them, some days I don’t need them but sometimes you need earphones and I go nuts if I don’t have any so I put these pairs in the organiser to make sure I am always covered.
  • I love the phone pouch because it means I can keep my phone safe when I’m dealing with other things, avoid the panic and fluster of not knowing where to put your phone.
  • And finally the detachable purse, an excellent idea and it’s really convenient. This makes using everything so easy and keeping things safe and organised.

So this is what I’m working with every day, how about you? what can you not function without? Any apps you recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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