OOTD: Interview with Doc Martens

This time last week I was lacing up my 1460 classic doc marten boots with my red laces in for my job interview with Doc Martens who will be opening a new store in the city I live in. As soon as I saw they were opening the store I was ecstatic, I live 30 minutes away from London by train and remember 5 years ago when I begged my dad to take me to Westfields Stratford to get me a pair of boots for Christmas. Daddy’s little princess wasn’t allowed “thug boots” until I had dragged him to the store and shown him for myself how practical and awesome they are. He has since got his own pair and I have gain several more too and now we don’t need to go to London to buy more.

I love the Doc Martens campaign about What You Stand as that personal connection we have with our DMs and why we wear them says a lot about our personalities I think. For me DMs have this family connection, my uncle as a teen lived in DMs he was the fun, exciting and rebellious influence, he got me into punk music in my teens. My mum lives and breathes 80s Glam Rock music, she was there when it came out and doesn’t accept anything less and has always loved DMs although never getting her own. My dad was my influence to be a princess, I required dresses and ball gowns and shoes because dad said I was a princess that needed them. My look for my interview with Doc Martens summed all this up I think and this is what I wore:


The dress is one of the first dresses I ever made and as I have said a few times already it was made with my favourite pattern which is in the catalogue to be commissioned. I love this pattern, I feel so cute when I wear these dresses and so it really adds to my princess aesthetic. There is something about Doc Martens that make you feel empowered and add a bit of confidence to your step, I thought this was great for my interview especially as it was an interview with DMs. I thought it was important to be able to say why I wear them. I was wearing the classic 1460 boots paired with my red laces however I do also have some Pascal limited edition boots in patent cherry red and a very scuffed and worn pair of 1914s.

For hair and makeup, I had my hair clipped up like in the photo, however, I did brush my hair unlike today when I took this photo. For makeup, I just went with what I usually wear on an everyday basis as I didn’t want to go over the top. I wear Candied Peach eyeshadow from the Too Faced Sweet peach pallet, it’s a subtle colour which just adds a bit of pink to your lids and I love it. img_7233.jpg

I then use black eye liner gel pot called Fluideline – Blacktrack from MAC (£16.50) and a MAC 210 Brush (£16.50) to apply the wings and line my lids and then I do a small coat of MAC EXTENDED PLAY LASH mascara (£15.50) on my top and bottom lashes. I find that doing my eyeliner and mascaras highlights the colours of my eyes which are dark green & brown. For my lips, I wore Velvet Teddy matte lipstick by MAC (£16.50) as it is similar to my natural lip colour but it’s nice to wear a matte finish and ties into the eyeshadow. I keep Velvet Teddy in my purse because it is my go to lipstick,

The next day I got the phone call to say I got the job so I feel it really helped to be myself by sticking to my own personal style and taste in order to be memorable. Being unique and wearing & making unique outfits makes me really happy and I encourage anyone to wear what makes you happiest no matter what! Being yourself is the best!


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