Weekend away essentials 

It is 1 am on a Friday (Saturday morning) and I’m packing my bag to go to the boyfriends for the weekend who lives by the beach as well as meeting up with friends and doing a shoot for another blog post on Sunday. I am going to show you what I’m packing and what I find essential to take on every trip. 

This list doesn’t include clothes but is all the things I need or pack as a “just in case.” My best advice will be to prepare for every scenario possible hence the sun cream, sun glasses and umbrella. An extra change of clothes is useful just in case you get soaked through because UK is unpredictable at the best of times. So from left to right here is what I’m taking:

  • Fuji film instax mini 8 camera
  • 10 pack film
  • Instax safe keeping book
  • Sharpie
  • Phone charger
  • Hair clip
  • Sun cream
  • Sun glasses
  • Colour changing umbrella
  • The Detangler – limited edition: Rose Gold
  • Makeup bag
  • MAC Creme D’Nude perfume
  • A4 notebook
  • Apple Pencil case with pen for notebook
  • iPad Pro

The instax 

I bought the instax camera just after Christmas and have been trying to use it to capture photos with people that mean the most to me, I’m planning on going for an evening walk with the boyfriend on the beach and can snap a picture to go in our scrapbook of adventures & dates. I always pack extra film because you never know if you are going to take loads of photos or not and I would rather be prepared than limit myself. As soon as I’ve taken the photo it gets sharpied with the date and usually a caption relevant to what was happening, my favourite so far being “make it work”, the group selfie where we were pretending to be Tim Gunn from Project Runway as we binge watched season 8. I will then put the photo in the book to keep it safe until I get home or decide what to do with it. This one is stuck on my mac at uni to remind me I have amazing people who encourage me, yes I’m soppy like that. 

Hair clip

Prettty self explanatory, I have long hair, I usually have it down long unless I am working in which I will then clip it up to keep it out the way from annoying me. As simple as that but I’m always prepRed, I also bring extra hair bands too.

Makeup and perfume

Usually I only take eyeliner and perfume with me because they are all I wear daily however were we are seeing friends Sunday and doing a photo shoot I bring the whole kit. I’ve also started wearing eyeshadow for fun after buying the Too Faced sweet peach pallet last week. The colours go with my outfits and aren’t too bold which I really like.

The detangler 

I bought this two days ago because I’m always forgetting where I put my hair brush and can’t find it for three days. So I bought one of these in rose gold, the best colour and thought I could put it in my handbag or uni bag so I can always at least brush my hair a bit. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do! I will post a review next week but it is amazing! Totally worth having one in your most used bag. My hair is really long and so I need to brush it often and I’m amazed at how easily and pain free the detangeler does it. 

Notebook, pencil case and iPad Pro

I like to be busy and don’t “relax” well according to other people’s definitions. My version is planning out things, writing lists and organising with a hot chocolate in one hand and pen in the other. I also like having my iPad on me because Seamingly Normal is a 24/7 job to be. You never know when inspiration will strike or a customer messages with an order from the catalogue. I try my best to keep on top of it all because I enjoy doing it and want to keep myself running smoothly.

Weather essentials

As I said in the intro, be prepaid. Here in the U.K. We have just had unbearable heat for a few weeks followed by some grizzly days. We all know the joke “British weather” and I will not be caught out by it. Protect your skin and be sensible with weather decisions! 

So that is what I am packing, keep an eye on the instagram for live updates over the weekend and behind the scenes sneaky peak on Sunday as we shoot!


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